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Edited January 26th 2023

First of all, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all our friends and family back in Oz, and to all our Aussie customers here in the UK!


After another good trading year, we look forward to 2023 being more of the same! We will be at all of our usual locations. The food festivals, County shows and special events throughout the year will be announced at the appropriate time. 

We will be introducing a few new flavours throughout the year, and to begin with we have two great Aussie flavours to start with:

Tim Tam is a famous Aussie chocolate biscuit. A chocolate cream filling between two biscuits covered in chocolate. Ours is a gluten free interpretation, with chocolate fudge mixed with Milk Chocolate. 

Are you ready to Tim Tam Slam?


Next is our offering of another Aussie classic, Violet Crumble. It's similar to a Crunchie bar but the Honeycomb is not taken as far in the boiling process, and in Oz, it's covered in Compound chocolate. Ours is covered in chocolate fudge.

Other Aussie flavours like Cherry Ripe, Jaffa choc orange, Lamington, Bundy rum & Raisin, Bundy Campfire Rum, Big Mango, Caramello Koala can be found along other traditional flavours in our online shop.

*February - WHERE TO FIND US*

The following is a complete list of dates and places where you'll find us:

Monday Jan 30th Cirencester Charter

Tuesday Jan 31st Moreton In Marsh Charter

Monday Feb 6th Cirencester Charter

Tuesday Feb 7th Moreton in Marsh Charter

Thursday Feb 9th Stow on the Wold Farmers

Friday Feb 10th Cheltenham Farmers

Saturday Feb 11th Cirencester Farmers

Monday Feb 13th Cirencester Charter

Tuesday Feb 14th Moreton in Marsh Charter

Monday Feb 20th Cirencester Charter

Tuesday Feb 21st Moreton in Marsh Charter

Friday Feb 24th Cheltenham Farmers

Saturday Feb 25th Cirencester Farmers

Monday Feb 27th Cirencester Charter

Tuesday Feb 28th Moreton in Marsh Charter


If you don't already follow us on this media then please do. We update more regularly on this platform.


Is open 24/7 so if you don't see what you want at the markets then please check out the shop as we often have several more flavours available there. We are able to include special notes if you are purchasing as a gift for others.


We are often asked why are we called UK Fudge Co but make Aussie style Fudge. It's simple. We are a UK based company but make Aussie style Fudge due to our Australian background. 

We are from Brisbane and try to make our Fudge as tasty and enjoyable as possible with as many Aussie flavours as possible. We do British, Italian, German, American and Canadian flavours throughout the year too. Something for everyone!

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Violet Crumble

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“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with fudge.” 

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