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Edited 1st September 2022


Add to your diary along with the usual Charter and Farmers markets....

3rd September Moreton in Marsh Show 09:00 - 17:00

11th September Broadway Food Festival 10:00 - 16:00


The seasons are coming and going very quickly and I'll be reintroducing several flavours at this time. Further info later.


If you don't already follow us on this media then please do. We update more regularly on this platform.


Is open 24/7 so if you don't see what you want at the markets then please check out the shop as we often have several more flavours available there. We are able to include special notes if you are purchasing as a gift for others.


We are often asked why are we called UK Fudge Co but make Aussie style Fudge. It's simple. We are a UK based company but make Aussie style Fudge due to our Australian background. 

We are from Brisbane and try to make our Fudge as tasty and enjoyable as possible with as many Aussie flavours as possible. We do British, Italian, German, American and Canadian flavours throughout the year too. Something for everyone!

“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with fudge.” 

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